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Where Community and Pharmacy Meet

With a myriad of challenges facing community pharmacy right now,
could a patient app offer an opportunity to transform and differentiate your pharmacy?

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Where Community and Pharmacy Meet

Competing with digital players

The rise of digital isn’t anything new in the year 2023, but the growth shows no signs of slowing down. The expansion of distance selling pharmacies is just one indicator of this trend and whilst many community pharmacies remain sceptical about the real benefit they offer patients, they are continuing to grow from strength to strength. Take, for example, Pharmacy2U who recently announced a huge profit before tax of £2.9m for the year 2021/22, up dramatically from the previous year.

So why do they prove so popular with patients?

In a world where we can order almost anything, using a device which is always within arm’s reach, at all times and then delivered quickly to our door, it’s obvious why patients are looking for the same service from their pharmacy. Pharmacies remain at the heart of many communities, but how can you ensure that you remain connected to your patients, whilst making any interaction with them as simple as possible? A patient app for your pharmacy can provide the answer.

Attract, retain and engage

A patient app, where your community can order repeat medication and be kept informed on the progress of their prescription, sounds appealing, even to those patients who may have had their fingers burnt by distance sellers previously, but who are still looking for a simple solution.

We’re always keen to remind consumers that the USP of community pharmacy is community! MyHealthHub is a patient app where community and pharmacy meet. It provides a simple connection between your pharmacy and your patients, simplifying your interactions and providing an opportunity to unlock your potential to serve your community, by using digital technology.

Whilst it does enable patients to order repeat prescriptions via their app, it also provides so much more.

Customers can book appointments for any service that you choose to offer, be it NHS services as well as private. Consultations can be offered in person or remotely based on your preference and, with a digital appointment book, these are easily managed by your pharmacy team. The patient app also allows you to promote your services more effectively, for example targeting messaging to a subset group of patients to promote a particular service, product or promotion – a classic example being offering flu jabs during the flu season.

Adapting your pharmacy

The technology has not only been created to be simple for patients, but for staff too. As with all our new Hx products, the focus has been on simple and easy to use User Interfaces, MyHealthHub also integrates with your Analyst PMR, and the wider Hx ecosystem, so no need to duplicate any effort by your team having to input the same data into multiple systems.

By keeping patients engaged in this way, it can have an incredible impact on the barrage of phone calls simply checking on status of prescriptions, sadly the norm for many community pharmacies, freeing up time to focus more on the areas of your business which can offer profitable opportunities and improve patient outcomes.

It’s also important to consider creating the right environment, not only with technology, but clinically too. If your focus is on driving patients towards services in store, then you need to ensure that the service they receive in the pharmacy matches their expectations. A simple, friendly interaction in person, in a clinical environment, that will leave them keen to recommend your pharmacy to friends and family and use you more.

What’s important to mention, is that a patient app is not a silver bullet – you need to get your patients using it! We’ve heard from a number of our customers who have tried other patient apps, that they struggled with uptake from patients initially. That’s why, alongside MyHealthHub, we also offer an optional marketing support service for those who need it. This expert service is designed to drive both new and existing patients to download the app and nominate your pharmacy. From digital posters to on bag advertising with scannable QR codes or old school leafleting, all branded to you, you choose a package to suit you and your patients. The more patients who join, the more valuable your patient app becomes.

Just don’t wait too long before getting involved – a patient app was the most requested product our customers asked us for in a recent survey and if you don’t act, be sure that your competition will. So, if it’s time to put your pharmacy at the centre of your community and you want to modernise your patients experience, look no further than MyHealthHub.

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