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Analyst Quickpick

Not much has changed around manual picking processes in community pharmacy since the 1990s, with most still reliant on paper despite the introduction of EPS over 15 years ago. As a result, picking stock, for most, remains disorganised and error prone.

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Batch picking


Efficient pick order


Pick error notifications


QR code expiry date checking


Accelerated labelling


Auto owings


Analyst Quickpick is a mobile app which consolidates script items into a single on-screen list and organises them in a sensible order matching your dispensary layout. By scanning the packs as you pick them, Quickpick checks that they’re the right ones, immediately flagging any picking errors. Quickpicked items can be speedily labelled as Analyst already knows what you’ve picked.

Update your processes and support your dispensary staff with Analyst Quickpick to make them safer and more efficient.

Benefits include:

  • Consolidation of script items
  • Batch picking
  • Pick order optimisation
  • Pick error notifications
  • Split pack support
  • Teach the system PI barcodes
  • QR code expiry date checking
  • Accelerated labelling
  • Auto owings