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Next Generation PMR

The world of community pharmacy is moving quickly and PMR technology needs to keep apace of these changing demands. From ever evolving workflows through to the development of a service-led model, HxDispense has been designed as a next generation platform to deliver on all fronts.

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Cloud-based – Access anytime from anywhere


Device agnostic – use the device you prefer


SmartPlan spreads costs & saves money


Intuitive modern design & simple workflows


Cloud-based and device agnostic, HxDispense features an intuitive and modern interface and simplified workflows, improving efficiency, throughput and profitability. Agile and lean, HxDispense is ideally suited to those looking for a cost effective, clinically robust and reliable PMR system.

With 30 years’ experience of designing industry leading PMR systems, you can be assured that HxDispense is built to the same exacting standards and quality.