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Analyst Integrated
Pharmacy System (IPS)

Analyst Integrated Pharmacy System (IPS) is a single pharmacy system containing all Analyst PMR and Analyst EPoS elements, plus more. It provides your pharmacy with a complete solution for both dispensing and OTC sales, streamlining your daily pharmacy operations and providing improved visibility of the patient at every terminal.

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Purpose-built solution


Only fully integrated system


Deep integration between two core pharmacy solutions


OTC interaction alerts, enhanced reporting


Much more than just PMR at your till point, Analyst IPS is a purpose-built solution providing a deep integration between your two core pharmacy solutions. With OTC interaction alerts, enhanced reporting and the full patient history IPS will transform your point of sale into a point of service. It can support to increase patient safety, experience and improve performance across your business. 

The only fully integrated system on the market, Analyst IPS is highly intuitive and straightforward to use, meaning that your pharmacy team can implement easily and begin seeing the benefits quickly.

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