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Analyst Central Fill

Analyst Central Fill offers a cost effective and efficient Hub and Spoke solution for your group, regardless of size. Create dispensing and stock efficiencies by centralising non-time-sensitive repeat medication and trays to an offsite hub. Alternatively, make better use of your largest store, warehouse space and dispensing/tray robots.

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Enhanced hub staff efficiency


Maximise robot investment


Retain patient relationship at branch


Spokes process claims, keeping each branch viable


Two-way status updates keep spokes informed


Logical scanning assembly


Batched assembly supported by logical scanning processes ensure accurate assembly for a safe and efficient hub operation. Analyst PMR and Analyst Central Fill exchange status updates throughout the process to ensure branch staff know where all scripts are at all times.

Cost effective and scalable for groups of 2-100, Analyst Central Fill gives your branches room to grow.

Benefits include:

  • Enhanced hub staff efficiency
  • Maximise robot investment
  • Full pack manual mode
  • Full pack robot dispensing 
  • Share your dispensing robot with your Analyst PMR
  • Reduce branch stock
  • Retain patient relationship at branch
  • Spokes processes claims, keeping each branch viable
  • Two-way status updates keep spokes informed
  • Cross branch financial reporting
  • Most spokes send 60% of scripts to hub
  • Logical scanning assembly