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Analyst Handout

Bag retrieval and handout processes can easily turn into an unprofessional, inefficient and embarrassing mess. Analyst Handout is a mobile app which streamlines shelf storage and bag retrieval. Keep your patients informed with text messages as they are shelved so they have no need to call up and ask if their prescription is ready.

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Flexible and safer shelving system


Automate SMS as bags are shelved


Storage type check for fridge items & CDs


Quickly locate ALL bags


Capture English declarations & trigger auto claims


Enhanced recording of details at handout


Handout is made simple with shelf identification at the point of service so ALL bags can be swiftly retrieved. English declarations are contemporaneously captured which, in turn, triggers an auto claim.

By far the most popular add-on to our Analyst PMR system, the Handout App will ensure that your patients receive the service they expect and deserve when they collect their meds without any fuss, fanfare or foul-up.

Benefits include:

  • Scan completed bags to barcoded shelves
  • Supports a safer numbered shelving system
  • Can still support A-Z if needed
  • Shelving bags sends SMS (Text facility required)
  • Storage type check for fridge items and CDs
  • Assembly checking with Dispensing Check Labels
  • Point of service use
  • Quickly locate ALL bags
  • Capture English declarations
  • Record handout of medication
  • Trigger auto claim of scripts

Analyst Handout Case Study

Read our case study with M&B Healthcare Group to see how Analyst Handout has delivered efficiencies to their pharmacy group.