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Transforming Care Home
service delivery

With 80% of care homes in the UK still using paper-based MARs, HxCare has been introduced to digitise workflows, reduce errors and free up professionals to spend more time delivering care.

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Fully integrated with your PMR


Free to use for Affiliates


Improved communication between pharmacy & care home


Grow your care home business


Providing the highest quality of clinical care for care home residents is imperative for both pharmacy and care homes. An integrated solution between pharmacy and care homes, improves communication and collaboration between health care providers in both settings and, importantly, HxCare is fully integrated into our PMR systems to achieve that.

For our pharmacy customers, who sign up to our HxCare Affiliate Programme , HxCare will be free of charge making it the ideal platform to support your existing care home business and attract new ones.

HxCare is set to transform eMAR for years to come.

PMR Integration
Meds Round Management
CD Witness
Meds acceptance & rejection
Cloud / device agnostic
Drug Schedule
Digital Audit Trail
App & Offline Capability
Scheduled Reports
Stock Management