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Analyst PMR

Analyst PMR is a comprehensive and feature-rich pharmacy solution, designed by our team of industry experts, in collaboration with both our pharmacy customers and the NHS.

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Accurate dispensing with barcode technology


Enhanced report generation


Assisted clinical check


Comprehensive training


Analyst PMR enables the quick and accurate handling of prescriptions, maximising throughput, whilst ensuring patient safety and compliance. It offers your pharmacy a robust, reliable and extremely stable solution, with an enviable track record of no dispensing downtime, to give you non-stop dispensing availability

Analyst PMR benefits from a comprehensive range of integrations; from robots to electronic CD registers, view our full list of partners here.

Benefits include:

  • Efficient and accurate dispensing with barcode technology
  • Powerful system alerts
  • Enhanced report generation
  • Assisted clinical check
  • Comprehensive training, available face to face, online on demand and from our Product Specialists over the phone

Learn more about what each of our Analyst modules can do for your pharmacy

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