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Analyst Event Pulse

Your PMR system holds the most essential data in your group but is often isolated from other key systems in your group. Event Pulse provides real-time, event-based updates to any of your third-party websites, CRM, patient app or other group systems.

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30+ system events triggered from Analyst


20+ JSON commands returned into Analyst


Encrypted messaging


Supports Azure & AWS event queues


Live event messaging


Technical support during setup


How does it work?

30+ PMR workflow-based events trigger a message and payload in a configurable format to an event queue which your other systems subscribe to and consume. Return messages with payloads can be sent back into Analyst to create PMR records from patient signups on your website and set nominations with Analyst.

This real time data feed from your branches is essential to bring your website or patient app to life and provide tangible benefit to your patients.

Benefits include:

  • 30+ system events triggered from Analyst
  • 20+ JSON commands returned into Analyst
  • Encrypted messaging
  • Supports Azure and AWS event queues
  • REST web service
  • Live event messaging
  • Technical support during setup