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Empowering your
services provision

Standalone and cloud based, whatever system you use, wherever you are and whatever device you access it from, HxConsult manages your referrals intuitively, simplifying your workflow and freeing up your time.

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Time Saving


Full NHS integration


Save Money & Streamline Claims


Transform your services income


The opportunity for pharmacies to drive new services revenue is now clear. Pharmacy First migrates 7.7M consultations previously delivered in GP surgeries into community pharmacy. An expected 2.5M blood pressure checks a year are being pushed into community pharmacy and 500K contraception consultations are forecast too. 

You can now process a range of services using HxConsult including:

  • Pharmacy First (including CPCS)
  • NMS
  • Blood Pressure Checking
  • Contraception
  • Private MultiVac

With more services coming soon including:
DMS | Smoking Cessation | NHS Flu | COVID

HxConsult pushes relevant details into your MYS portal for fuss free claiming and will provide increased access to GP records to support you in consultations from early 2024. Analyst PMR users also benefit from automatic alerts for CPCS 111 referrals too.

How can HxConsult help your pharmacy?