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Analyst EPoS

Analyst EPoS is a purpose-built, leading pharmacy electronic Point of Sale solution allowing you to record sales transactions digitally and automatically, create stock inventories and build confidential customer records using our comprehensive data file management.

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Shelf edge label printing


Enhanced stock control


Efficient recording of valuable retail activity


Integrated data collection & management


Highly intuitive, Analyst EPoS comes complete with premium hardware including a customer-facing monitor, allowing messaging and marketing to customers at your till point.

Designed for pharmacy retail, regular database updates can keep your prices in line with C&D and many wholesalers to help maintain margin with minimal effort.

Benefits include:

  • Maximise OTC sales with shelf edge label printing
  • Enhanced stock control
  • Efficient recording of valuable retail activity
  • Integrated data collection and management
  • Customer loyalty scheme to support repeat business

To benefit from an integrated solution with PMR, learn more about Analyst IPS