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Analyst Data Source

If you want to truly understand your pharmacy business, then Analyst Data Source is for you.

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Configurable output in variety of formats


Data from an array of PMR tables & fields


Secure transmission of data


Regular scheduled data extracts


Configurable drop-off location


Essential data feed for BI/MI system


Group BI/MI tools rely on vast amounts of up-to-date information to keep their outputs accurate and relevant. Data Source provides regular feeds from the most valuable source of data in your group - your Analyst PMR system.

The output of Data Source is configurable in terms of format, content and frequency to support your data requirements in the most effective and efficient way.

You don’t need to make choices based on what you think, Analyst Data Source will help you make informed business decisions based on fact.

Benefits include:

  • Configurable output in XML, SQL, CSV and more
  • Specify date period of data to export
  • Select from a vast array of PMR tables and fields
  • Secure transmission of data
  • Regular scheduled data extracts
  • Configurable drop-off location
  • Essential data feed for BI/MI system