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Time for Change

With the influx of services on the horizon for community pharmacies, does your pharmacy have time to deliver these services? If not, it's time to change.

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Time for Change

Challenging times have indeed descended upon the pharmacy industry. Rowlands recently reported a substantial loss of £219 million for the year ending January 2023, and an additional group of 34 pharmacies has recently been put up for sale. The sector is grappling with high inflation and severe underfunding. Pharmacy owners assert that without the dispensary, their businesses would be profitable, underscoring the significant impact of cuts on the viability of many community pharmacies.

The introduction of 'Pharmacy First' launching soon requires pharmacies to expand their services, with expectations of further increases when the new framework launches. However, finding time to deliver these services amid the industry's challenges is a pressing concern. The imperative is clear: to survive, pharmacies must allocate time for these services, especially if they promise much-needed revenue.

Many pharmacies find themselves stuck in outdated practices, dispensing scripts in ways reminiscent of the pre-Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) era. It's essential to reassess and ask three crucial questions: What tasks are you truly performing in your dispensary? Unpick your workflow and analyse what it is you are actually doing in your dispensary. Why are you doing them that way? If the answer is simply tradition, it won't suffice in today's dynamic landscape. Who is the right person for each task? Ensure that your staff can effectively perform the tasks within the scope of their license and abilities.

Technology has the transformative power to revolutionise industries, as seen in banking with the advent of 'open banking' in 2017. Similarly, the pharmaceutical sector can benefit from increased efficiency and adherence through the adoption of automation and technology. Positive Solutions offers technology designed to streamline workflows. The suggested Analyst PMR workflow can save up to 45 hours weekly, optimising task delegation, enhancing safety, and facilitating a paperless environment.

This innovative approach places the single clinician touchpoint at the forefront of the prescription workflow, supported by an Enhanced Clinical Review. This not only frees up time for clinicians but also enables them to focus on delivering services, engaging with patients, and maximising the full scope of their license. As the industry shifts towards providing more services, adopting such technology becomes crucial for future-proofing pharmacies and capitalising on additional revenue streams.

To illustrate the potential revenue from these services, Positive Solutions has created a 'services menu', showcasing the average monthly earnings for each service. Additionally, this 10-minute video provides detailed insights into the workflow, guiding users through each step and highlighting the features and functionalities of Analyst PMR that can deliver significant time savings to pharmacies. Explore the services menu and watch the video to unlock the full potential of technology in advancing your pharmacy's capabilities and revenue.

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