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Take the pain out of efficient buying with OrderManager. Price cascade and preference ordering are centralised in this powerful and fast cloud-based ordering system. Purchasing managers specify simple ordering rules that can be customised to your exact needs. It’s YOUR system, and you remain in total control, unlike alternative wholesaler backed cascades.

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Always up ordering platform for branches


PMR creates and sends a single large order


Price based cascades


Rapid processing & PMR replies


Independent from any wholesaler


Changes to cascades & rules immediate or scheduled


Huge savings can be made with simple rules and supplier price files. The cheapest generics and PI switching come as standard. Replies return to the PMR rapidly so users know what is coming and from where. No checking emails.

Suitable and proven for 1 to 1,000 branches, OrderManager is a quick and easy way to increase your profitability.

Benefits include:

  • Always up ordering platform for branches
  • PMR creates and sends a single large order
  • Price based cascades
  • Preferred manufacturers/liveries fit into price cascade
  • Scheduled orders for quota/hard to find lines
  • Independent from any wholesaler
  • Changes to prices, cascades and rules immediate or scheduled
  • Rapid processing and PMR replies