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SMS text messaging - an ideal way to communicate with your patients.

Efficient communication, which supports patient confidentiality, is cost-effective and simple to use. Positive Solutions have partnered with Esendex to provide Analyst PMR customers with a variety of features to support great pharmacy to patient communications. 

As a pharmacy owner, you are in control of how you use the integrated SMS text messaging, whether it be; scheduling send time and date, automating ‘Medication Ready’ messages or delivery updates. 

The benefits of the solution include:

  • Automated prescription collection and delivery notices
  • Effective promotion of your pharmacy services
  • Scheduled patient reminder features
  • Clinical appointment reminders
  • Seasonal products promotions
  • Patient surveys
  • Contact:Esendex
  • Call:0808 503 9946
  • Email:sales@esendex.com

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