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Take control
of your business

Managing your pharmacy business day to day can be onerous. Unless you can be hands on in all your stores, all the time, it’s difficult to know exactly what is going on. If you find that you are often reacting rather than spotting problems or opportunities before they arise, HxIntel is designed for you.

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Powerful dashboard feature


Live data


Pull data from anywhere


Plan with confidence


HxIntel surfaces live data from your core pharmacy systems onto simple and easy to digest dashboards. Bring all the data you need onto one system and drill down to greater detail when you need to with ease so that you can spot and respond to issues before they even happen. Benchmark your pharmacy alongside others with dashboards displaying national data sets available for England, Scotland and Wales to better understand the wider market and react to opportunities.

Whether you are a single site or a large group, HxIntel can support your pharmacy maximise revenue and highlight potential efficiencies to truly power your business, by using cutting edge technology and algorithms designed and tested over many years. Accessible anywhere, at any time, on any device and with reporting and trends, HxIntel can unlock your pharmacy’s true potential and ensure your business can continue to thrive.