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Case Study - Stancliffe Pharmacy

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Stancliffe Pharmacy

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Analyst IPS, Analyst Quickpick, HxConsult, HxIntel

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Case Study - Stancliffe Pharmacy - Analyst Quickpick


Stancliffe Pharmacy, an independent pharmacy located in the heart of West Yorkshire, has long provided exceptional care to its community. Committed to efficiency and accuracy in their service, Stancliffe Pharmacy seeks innovative ways to enhance their operations.

David Broome, owner of Stancliffe Pharmacy, has always championed the implementation of new technology to become more efficient in his pharmacy. Historically, pharmacy staff had to manually sort and pick medication, which led to efficiencies, the potential for errors, and delays in customer service. David was also keen to reduce paper in the pharmacy and recognised that there must be an easier way to support his team with a process of handling prescriptions that was time-consuming and error-prone.

How We Helped

Keen to deliver more efficiencies into the pharmacy, Stancliffe Pharmacy was an early adopter of Analyst Quickpick after hearing about the benefits it could offer. Analyst Quickpick is a mobile app that consolidates batches of scripts into a single on-screen list and organises these items in an order that matches the dispensary layout, facilitating quicker and more organised picking. As medication is picked and scanned, Analyst Quickpick checks the accuracy in real-time, detecting discrepancies to prevent dispensing errors.


The adoption of Analyst Quickpick at Stancliffe Pharmacy has resulted in a positive transformation in their dispensing operations. David explains that “Using Analyst Quickpick has supported the pharmacy in achieving a paperless workflow, which means there’s no printing or destroying paper, which helps us save costs, go green, and work more efficiently.”

  • Simplified handling of prescriptions, leading to a smoother workflow.
  • Enabled pharmacists to handle batches of prescriptions efficiently, saving time.
  • Streamlined picking process aligned with the dispensary layout.
  • Immediate error detection reduced the risk of incorrect dispensing, enhancing patient safety.

David highlights the impact of Analyst Quickpick, explaining that:
“Analyst Quickpick can do several functions that you would normally have to do in the dispensary within the PMR. As a small pharmacy, it has helped us save space, reduce costs, and support a more efficient dispensing process. It has been invaluable since the launch of Pharmacy First, as there is much less reliance on a PMR terminal, and we can continue to service our patients effectively.”

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