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Case Study - Right Medicine Pharmacy

Pharmacy Name

Right Medicine Pharmacy

Number of sites


Solutions in use

Analyst Head Office, Analyst PMR


Pro Delivery Manager (PDM)

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Case Study - Right Medicine Pharmacy


Right Medicine Pharmacy have been Positive Solutions customers since 2014. They are one of the leading independent pharmacy multiples in Scotland with 34 pharmacies. They have owned pharmacies since 2000 and are continuing to gradually expand where suitable opportunities present. With a head office based just outside of Stirling, their pharmacies can be found across Scotland all the way from Dumfries in the South to Wick in the North, Dunoon in the West and Haddington in the East.

Mike Embrey, Superintendent Pharmacist is proud to share that “Right Medicine Pharmacy is now considered to be one of the most progressive and cutting-edge pharmacy service providers in Scotland.” Analyst has been a key part of that innovation for Right Medicine, allowing them to benefit from a feature rich PMR with numerous integrations to support their growing needs.

How We Helped

Managing a large number of pharmacies and ensuring that they all remain aligned to group policies can prove very difficult, which is where Analyst Head Office has been supporting Right Medicine Pharmacy for the previous five years. “Analyst Head Office is essential to ensuring that compliance with our buying system is kept as aligned as possible to maintain profit margins in an ever more challenging environment.”

Mike and the team at Right Medicine Pharmacy use Analyst Head Office to ensure preferred products are used in the labelling & ordering process when possible. This makes life easier for their teams as it enables easy selection of the correct generics and avoids the labelling of incorrect PI or brands.


Now long-time users of Analyst Head Office, Right Medicine Pharmacy are now reliant on the efficiencies and cost savings brought in by the system and Mike adds that it is now an essential tool whilst the functionality ensures that they do not need to setup each pharmacy individually.

  • Facilitating consistency in buying rules across the business
  • Improved profit margins delivered by the buying rules
  • Efficiencies at each pharmacy, ensuring preferred products are selected
  • Time saved, as no longer need to setup each pharmacy individually

“Once Analyst Head Office is setup, it is very easy to maintain and amend as required, the system is easy to use and invaluable to allow us to maximise revenue and continue to grow our business”.

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