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Pharmacy Show 2023: Save Time, Make Money

Positive Solutions' Ian Lynch, Business Consultant, took the stage, presenting his session for those open to adapting their workflow for huge time savings.

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Pharmacy Show 2023: Save Time, Make Money

On October 15th and 16th, 2023, pharmacy experts came together at Birmingham’s NEC to connect, share knowledge, and explore the latest industry advances at The Pharmacy Show. With 400 exhibiting companies and 200 speakers, the event left an incredible mark as a resounding success.

Transforming Workflow Efficiency

At the Technology Theatre, Positive Solutions’ Ian Lynch, Business Consultant, took the stage on both days. His session, ‘What Can You Achieve With 45 Hours Every Week?’ resonated with those keen on revolutionising their workflow for huge time savings.

In a constantly evolving industry that demands flexibility and adaptability, change is the key to progress. Ian spoke about the impact of our re-engineered workflow, including paperless dispensing, which promises not only time savings but also a major boost in operational efficiency for Analyst PMR users. We believe those savings equate to about 45 hours in a typical pharmacy every single week.

Ian also highlighted that Analyst PMR now supports the reorganisation of the workflow, with an enhanced clinical review at the start of the prescription process. This allows clinicians to carry out checks quickly and efficiently from the outset, saving pharmacists up to two hours daily. With this extra time, pharmacists can focus on their clinical role, providing enhanced care to patients.

A Revolutionary Leap

One of the more recent features added to Analyst PMR is Assisted Dispensing, a feature that has been described as ‘revolutionary’ by customers who have adopted it and who are taking full advantage. On the stand, Positive Solutions demonstrated with a hands-on experience how Assisted Dispensing streamlines the process with automated batch labelling with one single click. It automates the choice of medication items when dispensing so that the system requires minimal user input as the items that should be dispensed are determined based on set rules. Assisted Dispensing is saving customers upwards of three hours per pharmacy every day!

The Future of Pharmacy Software

Positive Solutions not only showcased advancements in our renowned Analyst PMR but also in our new pharmacy software ecosystem, Hx. Designed to meet the evolving demands of the market, we were able to show how our Hx products are accessible anywhere and are compatible with any device, allowing clinicians the freedom to utilise our technology at their convenience. Remarkably, four out of five Hx products seamlessly integrate with Analyst, ensuring both existing and new users can reap the rewards.

Over the course of two show days, Positive Solutions carried out hundreds of demonstrations, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. Many attendees expressed their interest in getting their hands on these products. If you’d like to register to receive a recording of Ian’s talk at The Pharmacy Show, you can do so here, and we will send over the recording once it’s ready.

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