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MyHealthHub expands into Scotland and Wales

MyHealthHub patient app now available across the whole of Great Britain, supporting community pharmacy and focused on transforming patient engagement.

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MyHealthHub expands across Great Britain

We are pleased to announce the successful launch of our new patient app, MyHealthHub, in Scotland and Wales. This platform allows pharmacies to get closer to the communities they serve by providing patients with a powerful, user-friendly app to order prescriptions, book appointments and arrange home delivery.

MyHealthHub is the only patient app offering PMR integration linking into Analyst PMR which is used daily by over 16,000 pharmacy team members to process over 94 million scripts and nearly 200 million items each year. MyHealthHub forms part of an exciting, new technology ecosystem from Positive Solutions, under the Hx banner – all Cloud-based, fully interoperable, mobile and device agnostic. MyHealthHub gives pharmacies a powerful and compelling tool to both help retain and attract new patients. The app will allow over 7,200 independent high street pharmacies, most lacking a digital footprint, to compete with larger, online pharmacies by providing them with a direct link to their patients.

Following a successful launch for EPS users in England early this year, this second stage of the roll out brings pharmacies and patients across the UK together with easy prescription ordering, tracked home deliveries and cuts out the wait for GPs by booking appointments for both NHS and private services via the app.

For the pharmacy, a simple process allows them to set up their clinicians, the services they wish to offer and the schedule of when they wish to offer them. New clinicians and services can be added and removed with ease and a group function allows larger operators to manage all their sites. The app notifies patients of the status of their order at every stage, eliminating what can be hours of phone calls every day in a typical pharmacy. 

A unique feature of MyHealthHub is the optional Royal Mail service which offers incredible value for local-to-local deliveries. For many, the potential savings are huge, allowing them to move to a hybrid model or even replace their own drivers entirely. MyHealthHub is also available to be white labelled for those who want to a cost effective option to personalise the app fully to their own pharmacy brand.

Steve Russell, Chief Commercial Officer at Positive Solutions said: “MyHealthHub empowers pharmacists to simplify tasks, enhance collaboration, and provide personalised care to their patients. With integration into Analyst PMR, MyHealthHub will save pharmacies time, money and enable them to implement a true patient relationship management tool, all integrated into their PMR system.”

“We recognise that driving patient uptake and awareness is crucial for the success of any patient app. That’s why we offer a range of professional marketing support packages, to maximise take up at launch and beyond. The more patients that are using it, the more value MyHealthHub provides – It’s a genuine win-win. It’s the start of a great story for MyHealthHub and we’re delighted to be able to bring this game-changing technology to benefit our valued Scottish and Welsh customers. ”

You can learn more about the benefits which MyHealthHub could provide both your pharmacy and your patients by taking a look here. Now wherever you are located across Great Britain, you can book a demo and get hands on with this new patient app.

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