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How To Attract More Patients To Your Pharmacy

Increase patient attraction with convenience, services, and a strong online presence.

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How To Attract More Patients To Your Pharmacy

As multiple large pharmacies continue to close the doors on a number of their branches, it’s easy to view this as a reflection of the sad state the pharmacy industry is currently in—severely underfunded and struggling to remain profitable. However, if your pharmacy business is to thrive under the current challenges, we must see this as an opportunity.

Give Patients What They Want

Patients still want convenience. In the community, they want a pharmacy that is easily accessible, close to either their home or workplace and has opening hours that suit their needs. The USP of community pharmacy is community. By continuing to have your doors open for your patients, you are already one step ahead of the large, multiple branches that have closed.

As any consumer does, patients want their pharmacy to have a wide range of products available, whether in OTC items, the availability of medications, or additional health and wellness products. It’s also great to offer a range of services, such as travel vaccinations, weight management, or NHS services like contraception. Your patients may come to you for one thing, but they will stay because of everything else.

Communication is equally important to patients—they want to go to a pharmacy they can understand and that they feel understands them too. Whether it’s easy-to-understand explanations about their medications, keeping them up to date on when their prescription will be ready, or informing them if they are entitled to any services.

Now, Let Them Know

Establishing an online presence is vital for community pharmacies to expand their reach and connect with a wider audience. The first step to this should be a well-designed website that allows patients to easily access information about your pharmacy. Here, you can let them know not only your location and opening hours but also the array of services and products you offer. You can even provide links for patients to book appointments for services directly from your website. If you already have a website for your pharmacy, be honest—do you think it is working to its full potential?

Leverage social media platforms, as they provide valuable opportunities for you to connect with your patients in meaningful ways. Here, you can showcase your services and engage with the community while establishing a sense of trust and credibility. Share educational content on health topics or seasonal tips to establish your reputation as a reliable source of information. If you’re already on Facebook, how regularly are you posting? Have you considered expanding to other social platforms?

Using print ads in community newsletters or the local paper may still have its benefits, but if you have a limited marketing budget, it may be worthwhile to look at how that spend could be better utilised digitally. There are specialists in pharmacy marketing who are willing to support you when you are ready to make that step.

Keep Them Coming Back

Remain competitively convenient—continue to give patients what they want in the most convenient way possible, and they will stay loyal. Patient apps that allow online prescription ordering without needing to visit the pharmacy save patients time and effort. Using a patient app, you can promote your services and allow patients to easily book appointments. Support patients by providing reminders to not only take their medication but also to remember to order more. Unlike the NHS app, MyHealthHub links your patients with your pharmacy, making patients who have your app much more likely to be loyal.

In our webinar, Innovative Solutions for Modern Pharmacy, we focus on how your pharmacy can become more patient-centric. We also invited owner and pharmacist Tony O'Reilly to share his experience on what has worked at his pharmacy in Dalmuir, Scotland, as well as how he recently implemented our patient app, MyHealthHub, and how it is benefiting his pharmacy.

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