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Case Study - Dalmuir Pharmacy

Pharmacy Name

Dalmuir Pharmacy

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Solutions in use

Analyst IPS, MyHealthHub

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A Patient App Both Dalmuir Pharmacy and Their Patients Love


Dalmuir Pharmacy is a newly established, family-owned, independent pharmacy located in Dalmuir, Scotland. Dedicated to meeting the needs of its customers, both in their day-to-day lives and when planning to travel further afield.

Tony O’Reilly, owner of Dalmuir Pharmacy, describes the pre-digital challenges they faced: “Customers often had to pick up the phone or stop by the pharmacy to find out when their prescription was ready, leading to frustrations. We needed a better solution to improve this experience and meet the growing demand for a digitally focused pharmacy.”

How We Helped

Dalmuir Pharmacy adopted Analyst IPS when they opened their doors, as they wanted a technology solution across PMR and EPoS that offered seamless integration, was easy to use, and benefitted from continuous system development. Naturally, for them, the next step was to implement a patient app. MyHealthHub was the obvious choice for Tony, offering seamless integration within the same technology ecosystem.

Tony shares, “MyHealthHub immediately enabled my customers to order their prescriptions in a way that was much better than GP apps or via telephone. Adopting the app was a natural step for us, aligning perfectly with our goal to future-proof our pharmacy and enhance our online presence. For me, MyHealthHub is the best patient app available on the market.”


Since implementing MyHealthHub, Dalmuir has transformed its patient’s experience. Tony explains, “Patients appreciate the control and visibility MyHealthHub provides over their prescription journey. They no longer need to visit or call the pharmacy; everything can be managed through the app.”

  • Enhancing patient relationships.
  • Reducing calls to the pharmacy.
  • Prescriptions were collected quicker.
  • Increased patient retention.

Internally, the integration with Analyst IPS has optimised operations. Tony notes, “The seamless integration between Analyst IPS and MyHealthHub has not only improved efficiency but also given us more time to deliver personalised patient care.” This digital advancement has not only modernised Dalmuir Pharmacy’s operations but also solidified its reputation as a digital forward and patient-centric pharmacy in the community.

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