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Case Study - M&B Healthcare Group

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M&B Healthcare Group

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Analyst Handout, Analyst IPS, Analyst Head Office, Analyst OrderManager


Esendex SMS

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Case Study - M&B Healthcare Group


M&B Healthcare Group are a group of 10 independent pharmacies located across the North of England. Based in the heart of the communities they serve they are committed to ensuing all their patients health related needs are met by friendly and knowledgeable staff. 

At the beginning of 2022, as part of a wider program Pete Burrows, Director explains that the group were looking to drive efficiencies and streamline the process of prescription collection “We were conscious that this may be the only direct interaction we have with our patients for a month and we wanted to ensure that the patient experience was professional, quick and accurate.”

How We Helped

By implementing Analyst Handout, which is the most popular add-on to the Analyst PMR system it has streamlined shelf storage and bag retrieval, it provides a simple shelf identification so that all bags can be swiftly retrieved. It was rolled out across the group and Pete explains that it has vastly speeded up the process of prescription collection.

With hand-held terminals at each store and using the mobile app, the staff can use the Analyst Handout app at the point of service so that they can now instantly locate medication for collection and as the storage type checks for items in all locations “Large containers, fridge items or CD items can instantly be identified, without the need for searching or running the risk of missing handing out any items.” It also means that the team can capture declarations easily at the point of handout and then trigger auto claims.


Pete explains how the implementation has also improved patient relationships and ensures they receive the service they expect. “The text message service is invaluable in notifying patients on the status of their prescription as well as notifying delivery patients when they can expect delivery of their medication. It has virtually eliminated failed prescription collections due to them not being ready and vastly reduced phone calls to the pharmacy to enquire whether prescriptions are ready.”

The team at M&B Healthcare Group are now benefitting from:

•    Improved patient satisfaction
•    Reduced phone calls into the pharmacy
•    Flexible and safer shelving system
•    Saving around 2 days every month in admin time

“The handheld devices are intuitive to use, responsive and a great tool for using in conjunction with the auto claim process as it reduces subsequent admin time.”

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