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Case Study - Muirend Pharmacy

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Muirend Pharmacy

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Analyst IPS, Analyst Handout


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Case Study - Muirend Pharmacy


The issue of a lack of storage space due to the excessive volume of uncollected medications bags is one commonly experienced in pharmacies, partly due to patients not knowing when their medication is ready to collect. Locating bags when patients arrive to collect takes time which causes frustrations for both Muirend Pharmacy staff and patients. The pharmacy needed a robust and innovative solution to improve this process from end-to-end.

How We Helped

Positive Solutions recommended and implemented Analyst Handout, an Android app that operates on a hand-held terminal. Once a medication bag has been assembled, staff simply need to scan the bag and then scan its shelf position and the app records the precise location. The app then sends an SMS to notify the patient that their medication is ready to collect. When the patient arrives at the pharmacy, staff can locate their prescription within seconds as its location has been recorded.


The notification and auto-location features in Analyst Handout have restructured and improved the customer collection process at Muirend Pharmacy, as well as saving time and money.

  • Patients stay informed and collect earlier which improves cashflow
  • No more searching for prescriptions, less waiting time for patients
  • Proactive SMS notifications to prompt customers to collect means fewer telephone enquiries
  • Shelf space for storing medication ready for collection has halved
  • Staff have significantly more time for other pharmacy activities
  • Increased customer satisfaction, improved experience and better retention

"The Analyst Handout platform that Positive Solutions offers has had so many benefits to the way we operate. Shelf space in my pharmacy is no longer an issue and improved collection time has made my patients happier. To support the drive for greater efficiency in the collections process and to improve customer access to prescriptions Muirend Pharmacy is now looking to implement an automated collections system fully integrated into the Positive Solutions PMS Solution."
James McKeever Owner, Muirend Pharmacy

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