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Introducing Hx: Healthcare
Technology Transformed

We’ve always been recognised for our innovation, but the launch of our Hx platform marks an entirely new era for healthcare technology. Beyond just PMR, Hx is an entire new ecosystem designed to address the critical needs of a transforming market. Focus areas include driving workflow efficiency, improving profitability, freeing up clinicians to deliver services and enhancing the relationship with your patients whilst, ultimately, improving their experience and outcomes.


How it works

Fully modular in design, you choose the Hx products to suit your needs. Cloud-based and device agnostic, access your HxUniverse any time, from anywhere and on any device. Experience a new benchmark in ease of use, with intuitive cutting-edge design, simple navigation and decluttered workflows. As a modular system, interoperability is at the heart of Hx, each product seamlessly communicating with, not just each other, but key third-party integrations such as NHS services. Hx products couldn’t be easier to access with our Pay As You Go monthly SmartPlan subscription model, saving you money and spreading your costs.


Any Device

Designed to work on a range of devices including laptops, tablets and even mobile phones.



Cloud-based technology enables you to access Hx wherever you are.


Any Time

Want to access Hx outside of hours? No problem – Hx is live 24/7.



Each Hx product works standalone so build an ecosystem to suit you.



Fast, seamless data sharing and interconnectivity between Hx products and third parties.


No upfront cost

Pay as you go using SmartPlan, our monthly subscription service. Cost effective and easy to budget for.


Next generation PMR

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Empowering your services provision

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Realtime insights to drive your business

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Where community and pharmacy meet

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eMAR transforming care home service delivery

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The world of community pharmacy is moving quickly and PMR technology needs to keep apace of these changing demands. From ever evolving workflows through to the development of a service-led model, HxDispense has been designed as a next generation platform to deliver on all fronts

Cloud-based and device agnostic, HxDispense features an intuitive and modern interface and simplified workflows, improving efficiency, throughput and profitability. Agile and lean, HxDispense is ideally suited to those looking for a cost effective, clinically robust and reliable PMR system.

With 30 years’ experience of designing industry leading PMR systems, you can be assured that HxDispense is built to the same exacting standards and quality professionals.

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As community pharmacy takes on an ever-increasing role in providing services, we recognise that there’s only so much your PMR can do. To unlock the full potential of your pharmacies service offering and maximise your revenue potential, it’s imperative that you have a simple software solution to support your consultations.

HxConsult is a clinical services platform, which will simplify the way you deliver services. Cloud-based and device agnostic it features an intuitive and modern interface. It’s also PMR agnostic, so whatever system you use, wherever you are and whatever device you access it from, HxConsult is ready for you.

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Managing your pharmacy business day to day can be onerous. Unless you can be hands on in all your stores, all the time, it’s difficult to know exactly what is going on. Organised data provides real time insights from within your systems to maximise your revenue, highlight efficiency savings and power your business strategy.

HxIntel surfaces data from with your core pharmacy business systems within a graphical dashboard, giving you access to easily digestible insights from within your stores. Accessible anywhere, at anytime on any device. With reporting and predictive metrics, HxIntel can unlock your pharmacy’s true potential and ensure your business can continue to thrive.

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Providing the highest quality of clinical care for care home residents is imperative for both pharmacy and care homes. Using paper-based MAR charts in today's world is simply inefficient and prone to errors. An integrated solution between pharmacy and care homes, can improve communication and collaboration between health care providers in both settings.

HxCare will transform the way you deliver care by digitising workflows, reducing errors and improving resident outcomes. A next generation eMAR solution, enabling both care homes and pharmacy’s to truly revolutionise the way you deliver care to residents.

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With patients now five times more likely to visit their community pharmacist than their GP, giving patients an easily accessible and direct link to your pharmacy, will support your business increasing revenue and retaining patients. Digitising this relationship is today's patients' preference, with an accessible connection from the palm of their hand.

MyHealthHub is a patient app, which facilitates easy repeat prescriptions, bookable services and two-way communication with your patients. Put your pharmacy in the centre of the community and modernise your patients experience with MyHealthHub.

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