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Positive Solutions Expands Prescription Automation With Two Partners

We are delighted to announce two exciting, new partnerships providing our customers with the very best options for prescription automation.

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Positive Solutions Expands Prescription Automation With Two Partners

Partnering with Numark, Positive Solutions will make Golden Tote more accessible, improving the efficiency and speed of dispensing for an additional 500 Numark members. The uniqueness of Golden Tote lies in the fact that multiple patients’ prescriptions are assembled directly from the tote box, saving time and taking away the need to place stock on shelves, date checking and stock rotation duties.

John Pignone, Sales Director at PHOENIX UK, commented: “We’re thrilled to partner with Positive Solutions and be able to extend our Golden Tote service on Analyst PMR.”

Golden Tote presents an exciting opportunity for pharmacists to embed a new operating system in delivering welcome efficiencies into daily pharmacy practice. Safe, efficient and extremely easy to use, this innovative and exciting solution helps pharmacists free up time at the dispensary bench to allow them to engage more with patients, generate more income streams and increase profitability.

John concludes: “We’re looking forward to seeing the new partnership with Positive Solutions enable even more of our members to offer a patient-first approach to serving the healthcare needs of local communities.”

Positive Solutions also announces a partnership with Centred Solutions and their FlowRx technology. Their innovative software and technology automates the original pack dispensing process for pharmacies of all sizes. FlowRx drives smarter dispensing pharmacy workflows through their hub and spoke and Tote2Spoke (TM) solutions, saving time, money and freeing up resources.

“The partnership with Positive Solutions is really exciting” comments Centred Solutions Managing Director, Paul O’Hanlon. “Our two businesses are determined to dive efficiencies in Community Pharmacy and together we offer Analyst customers a really compelling opportunity to really streamline their workflow.”

“We have a long heritage of driving innovation in this space, having launched our Analyst Central Fill some years ago ” says Steve Russell, Chief Commercial Officer at Positive Solutions. “Working in partnership with Numark and Centred Solutions, together we are leading the way in prescription automation technology.”

He continues, “Whilst some will select our ACF product, it won’t suit all customers so these new partnerships ensure that all our PMR users get access to the best the industry has to offer. We’ve worked closely with both partners to deliver deep integrations and collectively we share a vision of driving efficiency in pharmacy workflows, ultimately freeing up time to deliver services and generate more income.”

With both integrations currently in pilot stage, Analyst PMR customers looking for prescription automation solutions will soon be spoilt for choice.

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