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Case Study - Collins & Butterworth

Pharmacy Name

Collins & Butterworth

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Solutions in use

Analyst IPS, Analyst Quickpick, Analyst Handout, HxConsult

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Case Study - Collins & Butterworth


Collins & Butterworth is a family-owned independent pharmacy located in Hawkshead. Despite their rural location, the pharmacy prides itself on offering a comprehensive range of services and products, always prioritising patient care and customer satisfaction.

Previously facing operation inefficiencies, Simon Butterworth, Superintendent Pharmacist, explains, “Our workflow was inefficient, from issues with shelf management and bag retrieval to end-of-month processes. We needed a streamlined solution.”

How We Helped

Analyst PMR supports the reorganisation of the workflow to free up a pharmacist’s time by shifting the clinical assessment to the beginning of the prescription workflow. Collins & Butterworth adopted this approach, allowing them to efficiently batch pick items with an optimised order and perform accurate expiry date checks using our mobile app, Analyst Quickpick all whilst freeing the pharmacist from the computer in the dispensary to spend more time with patients.

Working hand-in-hand with Quickpick, Collins & Butterworth integrated Analyst Handout, which uses the same scanning technology to professionalise their shelf management and bag retrieval processes. This integration eradicates the need for manual bag searches, ensuring no bags or scripts are overlooked. With seamless integration into their preferred delivery method and automated claiming features, their workflow has been completely revised and optimised.               


The adoption of these features within Analyst PMR has significantly improved operations. Simon notes, “The adoption of the workflow features within Analyst PMR has significantly reduced errors, enhanced patient safety, and increased our overall efficiency. Our claiming process is now streamlined and that alone is saving us around 10 hours each month.”

  • Enhanced patient safety with a 6-way scanned assembly and accuracy check.
  • Improved patient satisfaction, with collection notifications and smooth handouts.
  • Time saved as end-of-month processes simplified with declarations captured and auto claiming.
  • Pharmacist freed from the dispensary and able to maximise additional revenue streams.

Simon highlights, “The assembly check really adds a valuable safety break and ensures any errors are picked up early in the process. This level of patient safety gives me, as a pharmacist, a refreshing peace of mind. The new workflow has streamlined our processes and given us much more time focus more on patient care.”

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