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Case Study - Right Medicine Pharmacy

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Right Medicine Pharmacy

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Analyst PMR


Pro Delivery Manager (PDM)

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Case Study - Assisted Dispensing


Right Medicine Pharmacy have been Positive Solutions customers since 2014. They are one of the leading independent pharmacy multiples in Scotland with 35 pharmacies. They have owned pharmacies since 2000 and are continuing to gradually expand where suitable opportunities present. Mike Embrey, Superintendent Pharmacist is proud to share that “Right Medicine Pharmacy is now considered to be one of the most progressive and cutting-edge pharmacy service providers in Scotland.” 

Like many other pharmacies across the UK, Right Medicine Pharmacy are constantly seeking to find ways to free up time for their teams so that they can focus on spending more time with patients, delivering services and unlocking the potential for new revenue streams. Efficiencies within the dispensing workflow are crucial to helping relieve pressure on their time starved team across their group.

How We Helped

Assisted Dispensing was a feature added to Analyst PMR in version 4.09 which gives users one click, automated batch labelling. The system automates the choice of medication items when dispensing so that the system requires minimal user input as the items that should be dispensed are determined based on set rules.

Mike shared that “Assisted Dispensing looks to be an absolute game changer for our pharmacy teams. It is almost unbelievably simple to start using it straight away and once fully implemented and optimised, I expect it to save at least two hours of labelling every day.” Simplifying the workflow so that it saves time and reduces keystrokes, frees the dispenser from needing to work through each script individually – you can select all and then watch as the system creates all the necessary labels. With safety breaks built in using rules which can be defined by the pharmacy, it means that scripts which need user input are picked up and dealt with when necessary.


Right Medicine Pharmacy wanted to use their Analyst Head Office functionality to control the safety settings across the group and are now encouraging teams to get going with the functionality. Each time they have shown someone how to use Assisted Dispensing, they are impressed with the simplicity and delighted with time saving opportunities. Mike says that “Assisted Dispensing will very soon become an essential tool within Analyst PMR and we will be shocked at how labelling used to be so much more time consuming. Knowing how much pressure all pharmacy teams are under at the moment, this feature could not have come at a better time.”

  • Saving over 2 hours in each pharmacy, every day
  • Staff are empowered to focus on the role they want to do, rather than sat at a computer desk
  • Simplified workflow with set rules, allows for improved consistency across the group
  • More time spent with patients and delivering services

“Assisted Dispensing is a revolutionary feature in Analyst PMR, it will save us significant time in each pharmacy across our group and free up more time for us to focus on our patients.”

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If you are already an Analyst PMR user and would like to learn more about using Assisted Dispensing in your pharmacy, you can contact our Customer Support and Training Specialists on 01257 235940 and select option 2 or email them at customer@positive-solutions.co.uk