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Analyst: Designed by
experts, built for you

With continuous development over the past 30 years, and used by thousands of pharmacies across the UK, the Analyst platform is the most comprehensive pharmacy system available.

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Analyst offers three core configurations.

With a host of additional modules available to suit you, Analyst can provide a complete technology solution for your pharmacy.

With unmatched reliability and stability, Analyst customers benefit from our industry-leading 5-star quality service. Our customers know that they have a solution they can trust and experts on hand whenever they need us.

Streamlined workflows

Increased efficiency

Improved profitability

Enhanced patient experience

Analyst PMR is a comprehensive and feature-rich pharmacy solution, designed by our team of industry experts, in collaboration with both our pharmacy customers and the NHS.

It enables the quick and accurate handling of prescriptions, maximising throughput, whilst ensuring patient safety and compliance. Analyst PMR offers your pharmacy a robust, reliable and extremely stable solution, with an enviable track record of no dispensing downtime, to give you non-stop dispensing availability.

Analyst PMR benefits from a comprehensive range of integrations; from robots to electronic CD registers, view our full list of partners here.


Analyst EPoS is a purpose-built, leading pharmacy electronic Point of Sale solution allowing you to record sales transactions digitally and automatically, create stock inventories and build confidential customer records using our comprehensive data file management.

Highly intuitive, Analyst EPoS comes complete with premium hardware including a customer-facing monitor, allowing messaging and marketing to customers at your till point.

Analyst EPoS can also be fully integrated with all the leading dispensing robots and automation systems in the UK.


Analyst Integrated Pharmacy System (IPS), brings together our two most popular pharmacy solutions; Analyst PMR and Analyst EPoS. It provides your pharmacy with a complete solution for both dispensing and OTC sales, streamlining your daily pharmacy operations and providing improved visibility of the patient at every terminal.

Much more than just PMR at your till point, Analyst IPS is a purpose-built solution providing a deep integration between your two core pharmacy solutions. With OTC interaction alerts, enhanced reporting and the full patient history visible at the till point you can increase patient safety, experience and improve performance across your business.

The only fully integrated system on the market, Analyst IPS is highly intuitive and straightforward to use making it easy for your pharmacy team can easily use.